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Welcome to the G-Host website

G-Host Web Services Ltd was established in 2012 to provide web design services to local small businesses. Now, as we continue to grow, we have a number of valued clients and are now offering a more complete range of services to our customers such as hosting, website design, search engine optimisation, marketing and social media assistance, website maintenance and graphic design and stationary services.

As a small business ourselves, we understand your needs and how important it is to grab every little bit of business you can. We can help you to explore new avenues and find new customers that may not even know you exist. If you want to speak to our team about this, please use the form on our Contact Page. We will be happy to call you back and discuss any requirements or explain anything you need to know.

Check out our Microsites

Microsites are single page sites that are ideal as either starter sites for small businesses or as part of your sales funnel.

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Use the form to the right to recommend our services to a friend or acquaintance and if we make a sale, you get a £25.00 voucher!

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At G-Host, we concentrate on website design for small businesses. We have a fixed packages available but can always quote for anything not covered by these.

Domain Names and Hosting

There are now hundreds of domain names now available. Having the right one can enhance your marketing strategy and a competitive, quality hosting package will compliment this.

Small Business Marketing

Are you new to on-line marketing? We can help you to set up social media and e-mail marketing accounts to boost your customer base.


G-Host can offer you peace of mind by looking after your site and making sure it’s always in top condition. Various packages are available.

Why would I need a website?

Nowadays, with the internet available through so many devices, more and more business is conducted online. Therefore, if you want to grow, it is essential that you have a modern, up to date website so people can find you. Courtesy of the Office of National Statistics, here are a few figures to back this up.


Percentage of adults using mobile devices


Smartphones are the most popular way to access the internet


Percentage of adults buying goods or services on-line


Percentage of adults who use the internet every day

As you can see, our dependence on the internet is growing. Very few people use the Yellow Pages anymore. They use the on-line version instead. Therefore you need to be on-line to be found.

All our sites are responsive and search engine optimised and so give you the best chance to be found on-line.

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Is your site mobile friendly?

If not, you may be losing out on valuable visitors by not appearing in search engine results. If it isn’t Google friendly, let us help you out.

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Less is more

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Are we still engaged?

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Rules of engagement

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Website? Why do I need one of those?

From family run restaurants to father and son run local carpenters and car repair outlets, it's surprising how many small and local business just like yours still don't have any kind of presence on the Internet. However, professionally designed, mobile responsive...
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